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The 2014 crop of  Sweet Vidalia Onions are now shipping . Please place your order now, so you can be the first to receive your Sweet Vidalia Onions.   Don't forget  our other Vidalia products are available year round on our products page to fulfill your Onion cravings whenever they occur. 
Order your Vidalia Onions here

Order your Vidalia products here  

What are  Vidalia’s, you ask?  Let’s just say, all  Onions are not created equal. Sweet  Vidalia Onions’ unique flavor is attributed to the low pungency (or “heat” intensity) and the high sweetness levels which can be attained only through very careful cultivation within a specific “sweet onion growing region” of the country.

Each Vidalia onion field is tested to make sure the onions grown there meet our strict flavor guidelines. The onions that meet the criteria are then designated for mail order. Only the sweetest onions we produce are shipped to your door.

This process, along with just the right combination of special fertilizers, hands-on management techniques, and good soil conservation practices, allows us to provide our customers the sweetest Vidalia Onions possible. 

For the sweetness you expect and the quality you deserve. Don’t accept anything less than the finest... 

Vidalia Onion Bros., “The guys with a peel” . ™

Onion ordering information here .... and remember "Price includes shipping."

  We're glad you're here! If you're like us, you love onions! ...  From salads & sandwiches to burgers & BBQ, when it comes to Vidalia Onions, we don't mess around.  We have taken our delicious sweet Vidalia ® onions and, using age old southern recipes, created some award-winning sauces, relishes, and dressings we think you'll love.   These sauces are all natural with no preservatives and are the perfect ingredient for some mighty good dishes. Join our mailing list to receive Sweet Vidalia ® Onion recipes, or click here to see some of our favorite recipes.    Send us an email and let us know your favorite dish...if we like it we'll put it on the site (with your name if you let us)!




     Vidalia Gourmet Products  

Our award winning Sauces & Dressings are made fresh on the farm  with our own original recipes.  We use only the finest ingredients with generous amounts of our own sweet Vidalia Onions to create an unparalleled taste and quality.  Go to Products 

Salad Lovers Pack   includes three 12 oz. Jars of our tastiest dressings: - Vidalia ® Tomato Basil - Cucumber Dill & Creamy Vinaigrette. The perfect compliment to family outings.  Not a salad lover?...They're also great for dipping and grilling.                            $21.95 ea.  Includes shipping                              



Vidalia Sweet Onions

Thanks for you interest in our Vidalia Sweet Onions... The  season is here, can register your email & we'll keep you up on all the Vidalia® Onion happenings.  Join List
Vidalia ® Sweet Onions  have developed an international reputation as the "world's sweetest onion."   Their mild flavor is due to the unique combination  of soils and climate found in the 20 county production area. When in season, we offer medium and jumbo 10 lb and 20 lb boxes, and the best part  is "Price includes shipping." 

Onion ordering information here....


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