Sell farm-fresh Vidalia Onions for your Fundraiser

Vidalia Onions is a crate

Raise money for your school or organization by selling farm-fresh sweet onions, direct from our farm in south Georgia.

We grow, pack & ship our own Vidalia onions each Spring, and also import Peruvian onions each Fall & Winter from our partner in South America.

We have over 30 years of farming experience, and are also leaders in direct-to-consumer as sole operators of

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Why sell onions for your fundraiser?

Put simply, they sell themselves. Due to their versatility in the kitchen, sweet onions have become the preferred onion for home cooking. Plus, when compared to other fundraising items like candy bars or sugary soda, onions are a much healthier option to consider.

“We’ve served the fundraising community for over 30 years. Selling sweet onions, shipped direct from our farm in Georgia, is a tried & true method to raise money for your organization. If you’re considering a sweet onion farmer for your fundraiser, we’d love to earn your business.”
—Aries Haygood, Co-owner, A&M Farms

Support an American Farm

A&M Farms is located in Lyons, GA, just down the road from Vidalia, in the heart of Toombs County (which some consider the epicenter of onion growing in the USA). We’re family owned & operated, and employ over 50 folks at our HQ.

Promote Healthy Eating

With only 45 calories per serving, sweet onions are naturally fat free and cholesterol free. They’re also a source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, and other key nutrients including folate, calcium and iron.

Earn More Money

With an average of $5–$6 of profit per 10# bag sold, the margins selling onions is much higher than comparable fundraising items such as candy bars or sugary soda. If 200 10# bags are sold, that’d represent +/- $1,000 profit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some general Q&A to help you gauge whether a sweet onion fundraiser is a good fit for your organization:

Our Vidalia Sweet Onions are available in early May & June, and our Peruvian Sweet Onions are available in November & December.

There is no minimum amount required when picked up directly from our packing shed in Lyons, GA. We can palletize & wrap all bags for easy loading via forklift. Delivery is also available, but is subject to transportation fees.

We provide two different amounts: a 3 pound bag, as well as a 10 pound bag. They're both filled with Jumbo sized onions. Jumbos range in diameter from 3"–3.75" wide.

On average, you can expect $2–$3 profit for every 3# bag sold, and $5–$6 profit for each 10# bag sold.

A&M Farms in Lyons, GA

Your Trusted Fundraising Partner for over 30 Years

Georgia Grown (a division of the Georgia Department of Agriculture) visited Aries Haygood (A&M Farms Co-Owner), and took a tour of our farm.

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