2023 Crop

Vidalia Onion crop 2023 in February (pre-harvest)

Update on 2023 Vidalia Onion Crop

A friendly update on our 2023 crop. The transplant occurred in November, and our Vidalias are now settling in to their new location. The December freeze, where our temps dropped into the teens, impacted a small percentage of our seed beds, but it appears the loss won't leave a …Read More

Tractor planting the 2023 Vidalia Onion crop seed beds

Planting the 2023 Vidalia Onion Crop

A scene from Friday, September 16th. Busy planting seed beds for the 2023 Vidalia Onion crop. These seeds will remain here approximately 60 days until they sprout. We'll then transplant them into alternate fields where they'll grow & mature until harvest. Want priority email notification when our 2023 crop …Read More