End of 2022 Shipping Season ~ As always, many thanks for your support

Vidalia onion husk in an empty crate

As we wrap up our 2022 shipping season, we want to extend a deep debt of gratitude to our loyal customers who support us each & every year. We’re always tinkering with our delivery model in hopes of refining the process a little more as time passes. Whether it be stronger boxes, UPS tracking, sizing options, text messaging communication, speed of pack & ship, etc. All done with you in mind – to ensure we serve you to the best of our ability, and to deliver a superior Vidalia to your door – whether you reside in California, Maine, Georgia, or any state in-between.

Again, many thanks. We’re quite blessed.

Stay tuned, as we’ll begin planting the 2023 crop here in a few weeks : ) 🧅