What our Vidalia Onions look like after being stored 45 days in a Fridge Veggie Bin / Crisper

45 day old Vidalia Onion

One of our favorite ways to store Vidalia Onions (for long periods of time) is within the veggie bin / crisper within our Refrigerator. We set the bin to low humidity.

We’ll typically wrap each Vidalia in a paper towel (newspaper can substitute), and then place onions within a brown paper sack before placing within the veggie bin. The idea is to keep the Vidalia dry, cool, and in a dark place.

Here’s a pic of a Vidalia from our 2021 crop. It’s been stored for 45 days now, using the method above. To us, it’s as fresh as the day we harvested.

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45 day old Vidalia Onion