Adam Ragusea visits Vidalia Onion country


The wonderful video Adam Ragusea produced with us recently crossed one million views 😮. When we originally reached out to Adam, it felt like a long shot possibility, but he was kind enough to embrace the invitation, and visited us during the entire 9 month grow process. …Read More

Vidalia onions after tops are trimmed

Trimming Vidalia Onion Tops

Prior to the Vidalia onion transplant (where we hand pull & hand re-plant all our Vidalia onions in alternate fields), we trim the Vidalia tops with a large trimming motor attached to our tractor. It resembles a very large lawn mower. The tractor creeps ahead, moving around …Read More

Happy Vidalia Onion

Vidalia Onion artist series 2021 ~ Adam Grason

We're happy to introduce something new to - an artist series, featuring talented folks around the world re-creating our beloved Vidalia onion through images, gifs, videos, and more. Our first feature showcases the work of Adam Grason, who's previous work includes Walt Disney Company, ESPN, and Krispy …Read More